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Aires del Bosque Sanctuary

Tourism is one of the most important axis for the economy in Nanacamilpa´s municipality. That is the reason for Aires del Bosque Sighting Center to consider touristic development as its main objective. By establishing a frame of respect, raising the competitive level & having a better quality of the products and services offered, this aim can be achieved.

Firefly season

From June 21st to August 3th


It is a Natural Reserve located in Nanacamilpa´s municipality, State of Tlaxcala, Mexico. The sighting takes its place in summer season between the months of June and July, also during the first weeks of august. It is when the Firefly´s Mating Ritual begins, which happens in the evening & lasts approximately 40 minutes.

The sanctuary is a forest of 200 hectares and is the only zone of its kind in Mexico & America. Nanacamilpa´s Sanctuary is recognized as one of the two existing Firefly´s Sanctuaries in the world (along with the one from the north island in New Zealand).



"aires del bosque" sighting center is located in the miguel lira y ortega ejido, in nanacamilpa de mariano arista, tlaxcala. a point of easy location and accessibility.


Visit regulations

read the regulations to follow when visiting the fireflies sanctuary, All with the purpose of taking care of the natural environment.


His biography

Fireflies are a fascinating and incredible species, since it is capable of producing its own light when their mating season comes


The firefly´s sanctuary was officially opened to the public in 2011; On the next year, the secretariat of tourism & economic development (-setyde-, by its acronym in Spanish) revealed in Mexico City, an advertisement related to a new Natural Reserve for Fireflies.

In 2014, the sanctuary was promoted in national fairs & conventions with the support of the ministry of environment and natural resources (-semarnat-), the ministry of agricultural development (-sefoa-), among other government agencies.

A basic services unit was built, as well as the fortification of those protected natural areas, which are certified by semarnat.